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Slick, versatile, and easy to use. The Kitt WordPress theme by Kitt + Kalio is the first product designed to treat fashion bloggers as startups. The theme aims to take you from blog to portfolio, to full on e-commerce store when you’re ready – all through an innovative use of the theme customizer.


We wanted to make changing your site’s look as easy as it is to change your outfit.

The theme comes with what the developer calls “kitts” – the first two style kitts being  Chloe and Riley. Chloe is a two column layout with a traditional sidebar with serifed fonts, and Riley is a modern, full-width layout with sans-serifed fonts. A dropdown selection toggles the two looks, which is great if one day you wake up and decide you want a completely new look – which happens more often than you think.


This is a slick feature. Instead of using a page builder or shortcodes the theme developer used the customizer to help you build your layout.

Kitt WordPress Theme For Fashion Blogs Customizer
Kitt WordPress Theme For Fashion Blogs Customizer.

SEO Friendly

It’s billed as an SEO optimized theme, with an A+ rating from Google Pagespeed and Yahoo’s Y-Slow. The developers also included both microformat and extended markups to help your content get discovered and indexed accurately.


  • Expandable and built to get you going, this is the first theme that treats a fashion blogger like a startup. Start with a blog, work your way up to full e-commerce shop.
  • Clever and extended use of the customizer so you can build pages without having to
  • First theme to offer the option to change your theme with the flip of a switch and it’s still fully configured.
  • SEO optimized, includes both microformat and markups.
  • Image optimized, generates and loads retina images when supported – doesn’t waste bandwidth when it’s not.


  • Premium features come at a premium price, $59 – although that’s cheaper than hiring a designer for an hour.

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