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The Poris WordPress theme is a minimal, responsive blog template from Theme Warrior that can be a great starting point for your personal project. There aren’t a lot of features, so it’s easy to configure and just works – with more and more themes being made as “all in one” solutions, that may or may not be a benefit depending on the user.


  • Clean and well written code is absent of bloat, this makes it as fast as possible and easy to customize.
  • Minimal layout is well executed, and demonstrates careful consideration.
  • New, not so widely used theme means there aren’t a whole lot of people with the same blog out there.


  • New theme as of today, so there’s not a lot of battle experience you can draw on. Sometimes issues crop up in scenarios the developer has never thought of.
  • Documentation and support is only available with a paid upgrade, otherwise you’ll have to use the WordPress support forum for help.

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